About Trees for Tigers

The idea for Trees for Tigers began when Kim and Rob Voyle went on an Amur Tiger Tracking Eco-Tour in Eastern Russia with Martin Royle from Royle Safaris.

The Founders: Alexander Batalov, Kim and Rob Voyle, Martin Royle, and Viktor Lagutin our translator.

Together we stayed, with other guests, at Alexander Batalov's conservation base camp. Over the dinner table and in our vehicles as we toured the region we considered the plight of the tigers.

As the top of the their food chain tigers can basically take care of themeselves provided they have food, which is primarily boar and secondarily deer. So the question went from:

  • what do tigers need to survive to,
  • what do boar need to flourish?

And the answer is trees, and not any trees but specifically three species:

  • Mongolian Oak, Quercus mongolica
  • Manchurian Walnut, Juglans mandshurica
  • Korean Pine, Pinus koraiensis
  • Siberian Cedar, Pinus sibirica

Unfortunately these trees are subject to both legal and illegal logging operations with little regard for the forest regeneration.

Upon their return to their home in Oregon, USA Kim and Rob in conjunction with Martin in the UK and Alexander in Russia the Voyle's established the Oregon based 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization to focus on the re-forestation of tiger habitats in Eastern Russia.

Our Founding Board Members

Kim Voyle
Kim Voyle

Kim Voyle has had the good fortune to spend a lot of time with two Amur tigers while volunteering at the Oregon Zoo. Trees for Tigers is an expression of her love and concern for cats of all kinds and in particular the Amur tiger.

Kim serves as the President of Trees for Tigers

Martin Royle
Martin Royle

Martin Royle based in the UK, Martin serves as Trees for Tigers Vice President, UK and Europe

Martin has a life-long passion for the natural world and a radical commitment to highlighting some of the most endangered animals and ecosystems in the world with a view to helping raise awareness of these animals and ecosystems.

Since graduation from The Victoria University of Manchester with a degree in Zoology Martin has been fortunate enough to spend most of his adult life travelling the world and working on multiple wildlife projects, before setting up and establishing Royle Safaris (a wildlife Eco tourism company that specializes in rare and elusive species with a focus on conservation and human - predator conflicts).

Although Martin would admit that elasmobranchs (Sharks and Rays) are his overall passion, he has worked on a great range of projects all over the world with many different kinds of animals and through Royle Safaris has become involved in tiger conservation, research and establishing tiger Eco tourism in many of their range countries, including the Russian Far East.

Alexander Batalov
Alexander Batalov

Alexander Batalov

Alexander serves as Vice President, Russia

Rob Voyle
Rob Voyle

Rob Voyle is an Episcopal priest and psychologist and is the Founder and Director of the Appreciative Way a consulting and executive coaching firm. Rob is an internationaly recognized leader in the use of Appreciative Inquiry in church and coaching settings.

Rob has an undegraduate degrees in mechanical engineering and subsequent degrees in theology, and psychology Doctorate in psychology.While he currently works primarily as a clergy consultant, Rob has not strayed far from his original engineering roots. When working with people as a priest and psychologist he thinks of his work as "engineering practical solutions for meeting daily needs."

Likewise Rob sees Trees for Tigers as a simple practical solution that ordinary people can engage in as their contribution to creating a safe and sustainable habitat for people and tigers in Eastern Russia.

Our Incorporated Board Members

Nancy Kluss

Celeste Edinger

Caroline Leonard

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